Economic system Win Proluc

   As a contract seller we supply the sale, basic service and consultancy for the software pack WIN PROLUC, including organization of the collective trainings, seminars and consultations according to the consumer’s needs.
We offer you efficient modular system designed for the small-sized and medium-sized enterprises with the tradition from the year 1990. WIN PROLUC is designed for the computers which are working in the system environment MS WINDOWS 9x/NT/2000/XP. Beyond the wide set of opportunities in the business management it supplies very comfortable and productive comfort during the work with the computer.

Choose the most comfortable program for you from the list of these programs:

Krabica double entry bookkeeping
single-entry bookkeeping
registration PC cash desk
managerial panel
multi-trade and network version


   Beyond the “box” programs of the system WIN PROLUC we can ensure for you also specific and complex solutions on the “lock” according to the consumer task. These solutions are mostly connected with the economic module of the system WIN PROLUC as an invoicing and double entry bookkeeping.