The outsourcing use is useful for the companies, which want to follow their business activity and other important things connected with the company’s function leave on the management of the company. Our company takes the guarantee for the delivery of the people, which will have all presumptions and knowledge necessary for the activity leading.

We can support:

  • document evidence
  • card index administration
  • bank contact
  • employees leading and the work control
  • dept control
  • administration of the declaration of taxes and contact with the tax office
  • other services connected with the business

Temporary Staff

   Use the temporal allocation of the employee for the solution of the company’s demand. Flexible temporal modules can support you the labour force for the new place trying and its efficiency or the support of the temporal help by the contract observation.
   We offer these services according to the bilateral agreement with the client and an exact specification of the demands of the personnel.

Temporary Execute

   EMPORARY EXECUTE service is suitable for the clients when job needs and realisation needs are taking only few hours daily - by the inoperability of employees, covering of the employees’ vacations and maternity leave, when employees can’t cover its own working time during the rush work. We can offer also the control of the done works by the vice, present at the place of realisation.