Account services

Complex processing of the double-entry accounting

  • implementation of the accounting entity and its agenda (suggestion of the methods and of the account documents flow)
  • the control of the factual and formal rightness of the account documents
  • to guide book of accounts
  • to guide a day-book
  • to guide analytical accounts
  • to guide active debts and obligations evidence
  • to guide long-term property and calculation book
  • to guide account book (cash receipts and cash payments book)
  • to guide VAT evidence including declaration exposition of VAT
  • to issue documents of the value added tax, realty tax and motor car tax
  • communication with the tax authorities and institutions of the social and health insurance
  • to make month views, evidences and consequences for particular time
  • to proceed annual statement of finances
  • to prepare documents of the corporation income-tax return
  • to elaborate VAT return

Wages and personal administration

  • wages processing
  • to make monthly statements for the social and health insurance company
  • to sign on and sign off employees to the appropriate insurance company
  • annual accounting of the deposit taxes for the employee’s income-tax
  • to make employee’s confirmation
  • sick-benefits calculation
  • vacation evidence
  • wage and personal files
  • year’s inclusion
  • quarter-year views of the physical income-tax withholdings and payments
  • tax account statements
  • industrial relation (to make out the employment contract, agreement for deeds)
  • account documents

Other services

  • Accordingly it is possible to make out these following activities:
    to guide the book of the rides