Informative systems Proof-Isoz

   Informative systems Proof-Isoz are the complex solution of the automatization of the economic elaboration, logical action by the operation and control of the entrepreneurial subjects and budget organizations.

Their structure offers adaptation of the organizational structure of the company, which predetermine them to apply in the different entrepreneurial subjects and organizations from the small till the biggest one.

Informative systems are based on the modular resolution, where particular modules of the system are connected with each other and so they make complex solutions. They can work also alone. From the basic modules we can mention followed:

Accounting, invoices, cash desk, wages and personal administration, administrative, bank, company register, holding, energy measuring and another things.
In the next part you can see illustration of the user’s boundary in the accounting modules and energy measuring.

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Energy measuring module

   CThe aim of the proposal and realisation of the project was to give to the user’s hands instrument, which is simply for the manipulation, but at the same time it contains everything, what the worker needs. The consequence of the progress is the product which can realize this specification

This module solves the complex of the user demands for the deduction and redistributing all kinds of the energy with the final invoicing of the each customer. Module for the energy measuring is determinate for the warehouses, housing associations and public housing utilities, eventually single apartment blocks.

System Proof-Isoz / energy measuring is joinable to the other modules Proof-Isoz, but mostly with the accounting and invoicing, which has a wide use.

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