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   Welcome to home page of the company 3MT consulting s.r.o.

   3MT consulting is a company which is successfully dealing with accounting and salary administration. It provides also tax consulting, outsourcing, sale of software products and programs according to needs and desires of our customers all across Slovakia.

   Our company´s mission is to offer to costumers more than standard services and special suggestions in spirit of the motto “We are here for Your business…” so our customers can fully follow their businesses and they are not bothered by accounting, software products keeping and legislative changes monitoring in the Slovak Republic.

   We offer the accountancy services based on the demands of our customers. We process the documents in our company or in the customer’s company. We take responsibility for the accuracy of the work and for the accounting administration.

   Thank you for visiting our home page. We hope you will find here all information you are interested in.

   We look forward to our meetings.   

Ing. Martin Turčan
manager of the company


Why should you choose our company?

arrow  account processing in our company will cost you less than to have an internal employee

arrow  you will save money for the education trainings for the accountants

arrow  you don’t have to pay for the software products and their upgrades which are important for the account proceeding

arrow  you don’t have to follow the still changing revenue measures

arrow  we offer you complete services in the field of the account, tax, financial and economic consultancy

arrow  we take the responsibility for the right processing and keeping accounts

arrow  we are insured against possible contingency

arrow  when we stand in for you in national institutions, we arrange the whole communication

arrow  account documents are proceeded without any worry and necessity to deal with problems related with the accountant’s running. We will come in the concerted time, take the accounting documents, proceeding them and take them back to you together with the monthly report

arrow  we will warn you of tax liabilities and tax payments

arrow  we will support all outputs of the accounting in the printing and electronic form, by your request